The Lit Candle (Part 4)

Posted on November 15, 2021

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The Lit Candle (Part 4)

Following from our last discourse, the lit candle expires in what we typically call death. But for the believer death must be seen in a totally different light, and for several reasons viz:

  1. Hebrews 2:14-15Since all his “children” have flesh and blood, so Jesus became human to fully identify with us. He did this, so that he could experience death and annihilate the effects of the intimidating accuser who holds against us the power of death. By embracing death Jesus sets free those who live their entire lives in bondage to the tormenting dread of death; and on account of this
  2. 1 Corinthians 15:52b-56It will happen in an instant—in the twinkling of his eye. For when the last trumpet is sounded, the dead will come back to life. We will be indestructible and we will be transformed. For we will discard our mortal “clothes” and slip into a body that is imperishable. What is mortal now will be exchanged for immortality. And when that which is mortal puts on immortality, and what now decays is exchanged for what will never decay, then the Scripture will be fulfilled that says: Death is swallowed up by a triumphant victory!
    So death, tell me, where is your victory?
    Tell me death, where is your sting?
    It is sin that gives death its sting and the law that gives sin its power.

In reading verses 55 and 56 together, we can see that the victory of verse 55 is the total victory over sin at the cross where we were co-crucified with Jesus Christ. The sting of verse 55 that is removed is the empowering of sin by the law.

This we bring to the fore, so that those who have seen a beloved candle expire may rest in the assurance that the extinction called death is not a forever loss, but a transition. This transition nonetheless is as painful to the Lord as it is to us who suffered the loss of a beloved one, at least so says the Psalmist in Psalms 116:15 TPT – When one of God’s holy lovers dies, it is costly to the Lord, touching his heart.

I pondered this verse over and over and what it must mean to us believers at this time! I tried to see from the point of the Lord, that every holy lover of God is of necessity a labourer in the field winning souls. When one is gone, it is one soldier or labourer less. Hence, the responsibility is for every candle to shine the light, every lover of God to turn many more men from darkness of sin to the light of God.

More for the comfort of all, here’s what God said concerning this matter – Isaiah 57:1-2 TPT – 

The godly perish, but no one seems to notice. The faithful ones are taken away, and no one understands. It is because of evil that they are preserved from calamity, and the godly ones enter into peace, resting serenely upon their death beds.

I perceived that the candle called home having served well to the Lord’s pleasure would most likely be saying exactly as the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 23:28-29 TPT –

Jesus turned to them and said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. You should be weeping for yourselves and your children. The day is coming when it will not be the women with children who are blessed but those who are childless. Then you will say, ‘The barren women are the most fortunate! Those who have never given birth and never nursed a child—they are more fortunate than we, for they will never see their children put to death!’

So, dearly beloved, the mourning is enough, let us arise and labour for the Master from the dawn till setting sun, bring sons to His kingdom, that in due course we may rejoice together, knowing that whether we live or we die, we are the Lord’s. Selah.

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