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Posted on September 27, 2021

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Our Assigned Responsibilities Outlined

by Pastor Afolabi Oladele

O give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth; O ye seed of Abraham his servant, ye children of Jacob his chosen. He is the Lord our God: his judgments are in all the earth. Psalm 105:1-7

The events unfolding all over the world, the conspiracy of the global media, big pharmaceutical companies and governments of the world mandating sanctions against those exercising their rights not to be Covid-vaccinated should stir the mind of the most undiscerning that something is afoot. See below a newspaper article in faraway New South Wales in Australia:

We Are Being Lied to and It Is Far from Being a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

September 23, 2021 Constitutional Nobody Law & Crime

Recently the NSW Government said that when we reach 70% vaccinated the state would begin to “open up” and the “double-vaxxed” would be able to enjoy certain “freedoms” that would be withheld from the unvaxxed. One of those “freedoms” is church attendance.

This has rightly been met with significant backlash from within the religious community. As a result, certain church leaders and politicians have begun to speak up. What is becoming clear is that the Government, both State and Federal, have been far from honest in their dealings with the Australian people if what is being put forward is correct.

Having these matters brought into the open is a good thing, but we must be careful how we navigate through this, doing everything in our power to “keep the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace” (Eph. 4:3). We also need to be prayerful for our country, its leaders, and our loved ones

These events speak to a shift in the spiritual realm that should prompt every believer to go back to the manual of the great and mighty God to recalibrate their walk and find the alignment with God’s purposes so they may be accepted of Him in the judgment to come.

Our text speaks to the assigned duties of every man that claims to be a believer, a son or daughter of the living God.

  • Verses 1,2 – command that we give thanks and testify of His works amongst all people. Do you? We saw the testimony of the days of the Lord during His ministry amongst men – Matthew 26:30, Mark 14:26 and Ephesians 5:19 demonstrate the consistency of the instructions to us all;
  • Verses 3b-5 – command that we seek the Lord and His strength, it’s a command; are you seeking Him, is there a desire to do so? and
  • Psalms 27:4-6 demonstrates where the believer’s assurance of safety stands.

He is our only stand in these times. Will you stay under order? Selah.

Photo by Terren Hurst on Unsplash

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