Servant or Friend or Son or Elect? Ambassador Answer The Question

Posted on June 7, 2024

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Servant or Friend or Son or Elect? Ambassador Answer The Question

Looking for the scriptural backing of your designation as ambassador, consider these scriptures, John 6:70a; John 13:18a; John 15:16,19 whose declarations are summarised below:

  1. Chosen out of the world for a purpose, appointed to go and bring forth, produce, bear fruit, the fruit should remain (Col. 1:6)
  2. Was a servant of sin, but now transformed by association with Christ, taught by Him all things I needed to know about Him as my Redeemer King, and according to the plan of redemption instituted by God becoming a friend of God (Rom. 5:8-11)

In the last posting, it was stated that the believer is a proxy, or an ambassador. How many of us know the depth of power this confers upon us? The best explanation of this was given by Myles Munroe, an extract of which is repeated below.

Who Is An Ambassador? by Myles Munroe
You are an ambassador of Heaven, a government. An ambassador is not a religious creature. It’s a political appointment. And you are ambassadors of Christ…Let me tell you something about ambassadors that is very important…

Ambassadors are not religious people. And the scriptures, if I can use another word to describe the Scriptures (Holy Bible), it’s the word “constitution”. This constitution says that we are ambassadors of Christ. That means we have been appointed by the Government of Heaven to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

An ambassador is not just a person. He is an embodiment of a country of the country that appointed him. He carries the country. He is the country. Let me explain what I mean and it’s very important, because it helps you understand how great your power is, but you don’t realise it. If you are a parliamentarian or a congressman or a senator, you’re not really great, the ambassador is greater than you.

If I had a choice between being an ambassador versus a parliamentarian or congressman, a senator, or city councilman I’d go for being an ambassador for important reasons.

  1. When you appointed ambassador, you’ve made that person a walking country.
  2. The country takes over their lives completely. An ambassador pays no bills. The minute that government appoints you an ambassador, the government becomes responsible for your food, your clothes, your ride, your cars, your houses, your children’s tuition. In other words, your life becomes the property of the government. That’s why Jesus said to the disciples, why do you worry about what you will eat, what you will drink, what you will wear?

If I’m a citizen, and you’re an ambassador of the same country, if someone slaps me it is called an assault or an insult but if they slap you as an ambassador, then the word changes. It is called an “international incident.” So that’s what Jesus meant when He said, if anyone offends you, it is better for them to tie a rope around their necks. Why? Because they are touching a country and the government is going to come and take care of them.’ — Myles Munroe

You now understand the encompassing power of the ambassador! As you know yourself better begin to focus on your strengths and the things that make best use of your God-given talents considering what brings the highest return and reward. Used properly, money and influence can aid your execution of what Christ asked of you but they must never be your goal or heart’s desires or you will destroy yourself.

Now is the time to wake up to our responsibilities. Philippians 3:20-21 (TPT) declares:

But we are a colony of heaven on earth as we cling tightly to our life-giver, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our humble bodies and transfigure us into the identical likeness of his glorified body.

2 Corinthians 5:18-20 (TPT) further affirms:

And God has made all things new, and reconciled us to himself, and given us the ministry of reconciling others to God. In other words, it was through the Anointed One that God was shepherding the world, not even keeping records of their transgressions, and he has entrusted to us the ministry of opening the door of reconciliation to God. We are ambassadors of the Anointed One who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips. So, we tenderly plead with you on Christ’s behalf, “Turn back to God and be reconciled to him.” For God made the only one who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God through our union with him.

Are you an ambassador of Christ? Your actions and life preoccupation will speak. Selah

Pastor Afolabi Oladele

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