Why The Need For A Clean Conscience? Acts 24:10-16

Posted on February 4, 2022

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Why The Need For A Clean Conscience? Acts 24:10-16

Paul in his defense before Felix, the 4th Roman governor of Judea province, outlined clearly –

And my hope is in God, the same hope that even my accusers have embraced, the hope of a resurrection from the dead of both the righteous and the unrighteous. That’s why I seek with all my heart to have a clean conscience toward God and toward others. Acts 24:15-16 (TPT)

Apostle Peter in a seeming refrain declared:

Why would anyone harmyou if you’re passionate and devotedto pleasing God? But even if you happen to suffer for doing what is right, you will have the joyful experience of the blessing of God. And Don’t be intimidated or terrified by those who would terrify you. But give reverent honor in your hearts to the Anointed One and treat him as the holy Master of your lives. And if anyone asks about the hope living within you, always be ready to explain your faith with gentleness and respect. Maintain a clean conscience, so that those who slander you for living a pure life in Christ will have to lie about you and will be ashamed because of their slander. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if it is in God’s plan, than for doing evil. 1 Peter 3:13-17 (TPT)

Having a clean conscience toward God and man is important to attain the hope of resurrection that Christ already paid for and is demonstrated in the purity of the life we live in Christ (Philippians 1:9-30). What should we be accused of therefore as believers in Christ; certainly not for anything other than the faith of Christ in us and which we live? Only one thing, not bowing our knees to the prince of this world and all its manifestation, just like the three Hebrew children in Daniel 3.

A clean conscience cannot be hidden. It is manifest in the way of life.

Beloved friends, if life gets extremely difficult, with many tests, don’t be bewildered as though something strange were overwhelming you. Instead, continue to rejoice, for you, in a measure, have shared in the sufferings of the Anointed One so that you can share in the revelation of his glory and celebrate with even greater gladness! If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are greatly blessed, because the Spirit of glory and power, who is the Spirit of God, rests upon you. Let none of you merit suffering as a murderer, or thief, or criminal, or as one who meddles in the affairs of others. If you suffer for being a Christian, don’t consider it a disgrace but a privilege. Glorify God because you carry the Anointed One’s name. For the time is ripe for judgment to begin in God’s own household. And if it starts with us, what will be the fate of those who refuse to obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:12-19 (TPT)

Finally, a clean or clear conscience goes beyond a basic understanding of the inner voice or an internal sense of right and wrong. It is in fact the faith of Christ operating in and through me, reflecting His truth inwardly in me and revealing God to mankind. Are you living with a conscience void of offense toward God and toward all men? Time to self-check. Shalom.

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