No Wind, No Rain But The Rain Cometh

Posted on May 22, 2019

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No Wind, No Rain But The Rain Cometh

In the story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab going to war against the Syrians, Jehoshaphat insisted on making consultations with God, through His prophets. Two hundred prophets said they could go, but still not convinced Jehoshaphat asked for a second opinion. This time Macaiah was called in and he gave them the real thus saith the Lord.

He told them the truth that Israel would lose the battle.  They did not believe him and so they went into the battle. And as predicted Ahab died in the battle and Jehoshaphat was spared by God because “He found some good things in him.”

Trials and disappointments are God’s instruments to teach us and to focus our attention on God alone.  Jehoshaphat’s near death experience taught him a wonderful, lasting lesson which he demonstrated when the time for war came again.

This story is in 2 Kings chapter 3. In verse 8 they asked which way they should go. They asked among themselves. Here Judah and Israel were teaming up against the king of Edom.  Note that the people you associate with will influence you. Jehoshaphat (from other Scriptures) was one who loved God and would not do anything without consulting God first. But here in 2 Kings 3 they consulted among themselves. The people you associate with will influence you.  The question is who are your friends? Remember Judah who went down to his friends – here he went down spiritually, because the people that he went down to meet at Addulam were people God had told them not to mix with. That’s where strange influences come in, to your life and to the assembly. Think about this again, as you reflect over your life, as you go down memory lane so that you can be in the will of God for your life. 

Taking counsel from ungodly people is the beginning of failure in your life. For example, if you want to prosper in your life, something that I call “copy spirit” must die in your life. That transport business that you left your lucrative job for, that you started just because your neigbour was prospering in the transport business, which you are now calling God to prosper, did you start it with His consent? No wonder it failed while your neigbour’s own business is still prospering.

See again Nebuchaduezzar and this issue of “going down.” In his dream which godly men, Daniel, Shedrack and Abednego, interpreted. They identified various components making up the image he saw. But after “going down to Adullam” (consulting with self or ungodly men), he built an image of pure gold and demanded that all should bow down to it. That project failed because God is not an idol worshipper – that was not the intention for the dream. But Nebuchadnezzar changed it. Do you want to experience miracles, then terminate everything you originated from your own ideas and say, “Lord, speak.”

From verse 9 we discover a truth that has been hindering the progress of many: when you lead yourself failure looms ahead of you. In the case of Jehoram and his allies, unfavourable conditions and lack attended them on their journey. That was when Jehoshaphat remembered his ordeal with Ahab and quickly voiced out: “Is there not here a prophet of God that we may enquire of the Lord by him?” (vs. 11). And one of the King’s servant answered and said, Here is Elisha, the son of Shaphat, which poured water on the hands of Elijah. Notice how he described the man of God – a mere servant.  There is no way you can prosper if you despise the men God has given you! In the face of lack – the no-water situation, they turned around to seek the man of God – that’s repentance (Isa. 26:10,16).

You have to be careful who you join up with. Who are you counselors, who are the people you take decisions with in your office?

Remember now that they seemed to have repented. They are now in the presence of the Holy Spirit because Elisha signified the Holy Spirit to them. Do you know that some of them were still disdaining the Holy Spirit? Do you know that it is possible for you to seek God and not recognize the Holy Ghost standing in front of you? Isaiah 26:10-11 says, even when favour has been shown in the land of righteousness, they will still do wickedly.

When the Lord’s hand is lifted up, they are blind to it. When they should be allying with the people of God that are in righteousness, they would instead be slandering them, out of envy. How many of you remember what I used to say that don’t be in the house of God’s enemy when God is throwing bombs? That’s when you need a prophet by your side, he is your cover. That’s the lesson presented in this encounter with Elisha.

And Elijah said to the king of Israel, what have I to do with thee? Get thee to the prophets of thy father (verse 13). Can you see the reaction of the Holy Spirit? Do I have any relationship with you? You don’t have a right to come into the temple of God and insult the Holy Ghost.

Favour was being shown and yet in the land of righteousness people still dealt wickedly. It would have been better if you didn’t come to the presence of God than to come to the presence of God and still provoke the Holy Spirit to anger. But because His presence was residing inside a human vessel there was a touch between the Holy and the natural so mercy was shown. But in order for that to occur, what happened? “Elisha said, As Yahweh of Hosts lives, before whom I stand, surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look toward you, nor see you” (2 Kings 3:14).

As long as you have repented, God regards your presence. Don’t be afraid to pray.  In fact, start to pray now. Pray for forgiveness: for every mistake, every wrong decision, every mess, every wrong talking, every wrong desire, every strange garment everything that you have done wrong that brought you to this point. Have you not heard that He that knew no sin was made sin that the righteousness of Him can be yours? So as He is looking at you He is looking at the righteousness of Jesus. So He says I have regard for you. You need this in life, can your faith catch it?

In verse 15 the minstrel sang and the hand of Lord came upon Elisha and the word of God came forth. And then the flood came, even though there was no wind, there was no rain. The grace to correct the existing mess will appear. When the Prodigal son was going towards the house, who was looking for him? The father.

What is your business with the people who count you out? If they had to follow the normal water cycle, they would have had to wait for some days for the rain to come down, and before the rain comes down winds must first blow, bring the clouds, and only then would rain fall.  But as far as God is concerned, because you started going He says you are not coming from minus 10 to 0, you are coming from minus 10 to plus 10. Watch out in your life for favours, deliverances, opportunities, doors opening; as long as you have repented and you are now depending on God. Don’t go back to the influence of the mixed multitude.

Holiness, joy and peace is yours.

Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Grieve not the Holy Spirit of the house when someone is provoking you unto wrong decisions; hide yourself in the little chamber. Let God’s song be in your heart. Always!

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