The Attitude of Faith Part 3

Posted on November 5, 2018

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The Attitude of Faith Part 3

Preached by Pastor Andrew Morgridge on 28 October 2018

How you behave or react, temporarily or overtime is called attitude. It can be good or bad. Good is called great faith and bad is called little faith. God will get God’s pleasure because your receiving answers displays His nature to the world, and it can make people to be born again. It can also help others to receive when they are in similar situations (Ps. 19:7).

However, when it is bad attitude – unbelief (unfaithfulness), doubt, reason and fear – you may be courting His anger (Matt. 8:5-13).

Simple comment of what a great faith you have and how much I’m impressed dovetailed to those who will go to heaven or hell. And sadly, Christians never seem to note and respect this side of God. That’s why He’s bringing this to our aittention.

  1. Continuous Faith. That’s what he wants.

For faith to please God, it must be continuous 1 Kings 18-19 speak about the ministry of Elijah.

  • He shut the heavens (1 Kg. 17:1)
  • He knew the kind of prayer to pray – supplication with travail (1 Kg. 18:41-46)
  • He ran faster than horse (1 Kg. 18:45-46)
  • He provided miraculously for the widow of Zaraphath (1 Kg. 18:8-16)
  • He raised the dead (1 Kg. 18:17-23)
  • He called fire down to consume sacrifice (1 Kg. 18:36-38)
  • He faced and defeated …priests of Baal (1 Kg. 18)
  • Then he feared Jezebel and God got angry with him and cut short his Ministry (1 Kg. 19:1-3) regardless of all he did with God in verses 1-6

The word worry can mean “to choke or strangle.” The idea is to harass by tearing at or disturbing repeatedly. It is a nagging persistence that drains you of energy. The things you worry about and the fear you bring upon yourself must not be allowed to have power over your life or rob you of expecting great things from God, as in the fathers being barred from making it into the promised land.

He told them already how to defeat giants with His reference to Horeb, yet they feared.

What are the things that persistently whisper in the back of your mind? What are the nagging worries and fears that eat at you? Peter tells us, “Give all your worries and cares (anxiety, causing distraction) to God, for he cares about you” (1 Pet. 5:7 NLT). See also Matt. 11:28

A farmer was sitting on his porch and looking at his fields when a friend stopped by to visit. Any conversation between two farmers inevitably comes around to their crops, so the friend asked, “How’s your wheat?”

The farmer replied, “Ain’t got none. Figured the weevils would get into the wheat and ruin me, so I didn’t plant any.”

The friend nodded his understanding and asked, “So, how about your corn?”

“Ain’t got none of them, neither. Was afraid to plant ‘em because the ‘tater bugs will get to ‘em, and I’d be ruined.”

By now, the friend was perplexed. “Well, what did you plant this year?”

“Nothing. I just played it safe.”

Don’t allow your worries to determine your future! If you play it safe, you will have nothing. So throw all your hopes and all your fears into God’s hands and know that He cares (He’s interested in your affairs) about you.

See Gen. 32:1- about you. The world won’t change because of you – it is bad, it has always been bad and will remain so, but the story of Isaac at Rehoboth was written to ginger us to partner with God in very bad times. (Gen. 26:13-33).

  1. The Enemy of Expectation is Negativity

What kept Isaac going is expectation. What fuels expectation is confidence in God’s love.  If God is with me and they see it, He will help me. In 2 Kings 2:13-15, Elisha said, God of Elijah come do my own for me! Expectation can be drowned easily in our lives by tragedy or disappointment. A sense of hopelessness or failure can kill the desire or ability to expect things to change. Deep inside, a voice whispers, “You want to be somebody, but it’s not going to happen.” In the inner place of your soul, deep in your heart, a war rages against expectation with thoughts such as, You don’t have a chance. It’s just that people like you should never have dreams like these. Why expect anything when you know you will be disappointed?


Proverbs 4:12 promises, “When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, and when you run, you will not stumble.” Whose report will you believe? God or Satan (Isa. 38). Do not let pessimism hinder your steps from fulfilling your God-given expectations. Dread and fear feed a pessimistic attitude that seeks to make God smaller than your problems. Pessimism makes it easy for you to visualize a negative outcome for your life and then live in a way that fulfils that negative outcome.

Say no! This is not what God desires for your life. Make a concrete decision to remove the negative spirit, attitudes, and thoughts from your life. The mind-set that says, “God is not for me,” is destructive and is an expectation killer. Do not allow yourself to become a doom- and-gloom forecaster of your own life. A negative outlook builds a wrong mind-set that dominates your thinking and results in a negative belief that your expectations cannot and will not come to pass. Compare the size of your problems to the greatness of God. Your view of the size of your God must grow! He’s the Lord of Hosts – Jehovah Sabaoth. Our champion.

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