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Posted on April 11, 2017

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Get Addicted!!

When we say, “someone is addicted”, what readily comes to mind is something or action that is offensive, derogatory or immoral (e.g. hard drugs, sexual promiscuity, stealing, alcoholism, cigarette smoking, gossip, incessant partying, indecent/suggestive dressings, etc.), but that is not always the case with the term. As a matter of definition, it connotes some virtuous attributes that as saints of Christ, we must endeavor to possess, nurture and attain.

“ADDICTED” (as it relates to virtuous attributes):

  1. Devoted or given to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit forming.
  1. Physical or mental dependence on a particular “substance”

Drawing from the definition, it stands clear that being addicted has a positive aspect, and is a function of the subject matter, (i.e. “what one is addicted to”).

Heb. 11:6; Rom. 5:1; Heb. 10:34; 11:1 – FAITH is ‘the substance” of our belief

  • Thoughts — Inspired Voluntary Actions — Compelling Involuntary Behavior —  Compulsive Character – Addiction


  • Addiction is ‘the substance’ dependent
  • Addiction is overwhelming, follows a build-up process and is progressive – Eze. 47: 1-5

Addiction is a force / enabler / propeller – Mt. 3:16 (spirit of God descending upon Him to the wilderness sojourn). Lk.22:43
At certain levels of ‘the substance’ shortage, the body becomes restive and reactive (craves). Even when diagnosed and being treated for medical illness, addicts continue with ‘the substance’ Phil. 3:13-14 – Forgetting those …I press
Addiction ensures intake of ‘the substance’ until relieved – 1 Pet. 1:9 (receiving the end …soul)

  • Social and recreational hobbies /activities are sacrificed if ‘the substance’ is unavailable – 2 Cor.6:14-15

Addicts seek for satisfaction beyond the ordinary / mundane Heb. 11:7-12; 13:14-16
Addicts, though realizes it, does not agree to quit. They operate under the influence of ‘the substance’
Under the influence of ‘the substance’, actions are unpredictable
Lk. 4:1-2; Rom. 8:14
Even if involving risks, addicts ensure maintenance of good and regular supply of ‘the substance’
Addicts submit that they need ‘the substance’ to deal with the addiction

  • Addicts spend more and more time and energy focusing on ways to getting hold of ‘the substance’ and improved ways of using / applying it.

In many case, being alone and in secret (solitude and secrecy) is the right atmosphere for taking ‘the substance’. Ps. 91:1-2, Is. 40:30-31 (KJV; BBE)
Most addicts are not aware / refuse to acknowledge they have a problem

  • Addicts have stocks of ‘the substance’ hid in different parts of their points of regular interface –1 Cor 6. 18-19; 2 Cor. 6:16,

Ps. 119:11.
Where choices become imperative, addicts choose ‘the substance’ over the good things of life
Phil 3:3-11, Heb. 11:24-26

  • X-raying some characters.
  • Phinehas: Num. 25:1-13 (GWT, BBE)
  • Stephen: Acts 7:57-60 (MSG).
  • Paul: Gal. 1:14 vs. 1 Cor 15:10
  • Rom 8:35-39, (NLT/MSG)

1Cor.15:31 (MSG); Phil 3:3-11 (MSG); Heb. 11:24-27, 34-38 (AMP)
Titus 2:14 (BBE), Rev. 3L19 (BBE)
“If our faith in Christ is not worth being addicted to, where is the essence of our conviction?”, Selah.

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