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Posted on December 28, 2017

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Finishing 2017 Strong & Well

Pastor Dave Nkenchor

Generally speaking, Nigeria and her residents, especially true believers had it tough this year. We want some time-off from this excruciating and less-exhilarating year. Many just can’t wait to say “Good-bye 2017”.
This calls for some serious consideration, as:
– the grounds get more certain and slippery (2Tim 2:19 TLB, 2Pet. 1:19/Psalms 73:18, Jer.23:12 – “Wherefore, their ways shall be as slippery) ways…”
– both atmospheric-pressures seeks to engulf more, and, (Rom. 8:19, 22-23 / Is. 5:14)
– heaven and lake of fire beckons with offers of immeasurable worth. (2Cor. 2:9; 12:3-4, 1Cor.13:9-13 2 “for we…in part… I am known/ Rev. 20:14-15 “hell and death…of fire”)
Since God measures life by time, and time is mainly measured in years, we can conclude that our lives are measured by the years we live.
“The way one finishes the year often determines the way one runs through the New Year”; so, let’s intentionally strive to finish 2017 strong and well.
– Eccl. 7:8 + Heb. 3:14 – “For we are made partakers of Christ… unto the end;”
– Matt. 10:22, 1 Cor. 1:8 – “… who shall also confirm our faith unto the end…”
Year-ends for individuals and families usually signify time for:
1. Relaxation and Celebration After the Travails of The Year
2. Reflections (Looking back)
3. Stock-taking (Objective assessment)
4. Evaluation of Values (Thorough check on governing/guiding principles)
5. Plan for Consolidation or Termination (Build-upon or do-without)
6. Setting Goals and Priorities (Core targets)
7. Strategizing Execution (How, when and where)
These steps apply to Godly and non-Godly, spiritual and sensual, eternal and ephemeral pursuits.
– Nebuchadnezzar – Dan 4:1-33
Why wait till year-end?
vs. 29. He took stock, got lifted in his heart and incurred WRATH.
– The Rich Fool – Luke 12:18-20
He tool stock, was lifted in his heart and incurred WRATH – LOSS OF LIFE and DAMNATION?
NOTE: Jewish harvest is at year-end/12th month/Spring – Ada

– David, a man after God’s own heart – 2Sam. 11:1-12:10 (1Kings 15:5)
Wrong position (straying) – seeing – looking – inquiries – processing feedback – sending messengers – taking her – her coming in – lying with her – her return – processing her message of pregnancy – deciding on 1st plot – sending for Uriah – discussion with Uriah – sending Uriah home – Uriah’s query – deciding od 2nd plot – getting Uriah overfed and drunk –deciding on 3rd plot and Uriah’s death – death-sentence letter to Joab – sending Uriah back to battle – receiving new of Uriah’s death – 4th plot – fetching for her – her becoming his wife. – 24 STAGES!!! What great lessons to be learnt.
NOTE: This does not diminish David’s value in God’s sight one bit, as he has repented and received pardon, but, it sure flawed his spotless record, provided for and set on course troubles in the Davidic lineage and remains canonised in the Holy-Bible for our example; SELAH.
Just a little leaven – Gal. 5:9 Can one take fire in bossom…go on hot coals and feet not burned? – Pro. 6:26-27
“I am not as strong as I assume”
My ease/relaxation must be confined within Godly boundaries
Remain on guard, the tempter, adversary, devil is still @ work
Idleness and being at wrong places, tend to make us yield to the power of temptation and the flesh over God’s grace upon us.
The bed of sloth often proves the bed of lust –MHC

– Esther Est. 3: 7-15; 8:12; 9:1
Why did Haman wait till year-end to decide on his plot against Israel?
Why wait till first month/new year to circulate plot?
As our Lord and God seeks this time to be for sober reflections, thanksgiving and sharpening our spiritual edges for times ahead;
The adversary – devil seeks it for unbridled passion (fun! fun!! fun!!!), discontentment and sensualisation going forward.
This underscores our need to be more alert and watchful against devil’s devices this season. Rev.3:2 (Be watchful…),
2Cor:2:11b – (…for we are not ignorant… devices)

Psalms 1:1
1. Be true to yourself. Case of Samson is instructive.
2. Remain watchful unto prayers
3. In addition to prayers, stay in God’s presence by walking in the Spirit. Like the Jews in Esther’s days, this year-end fasting meeting, is a good in-road
4. Bond with family, especially spouse. Pro. 6:26. Pro. 5 & 7 woman, Delilah, and the hunting man, lurks
5. Atmospheric pressures are strong and crucial. Watch your steps, activities and company (internal and external) this season
6. Be grateful and thankful to God and men
7. While praying and believing God for the good things as promised, like father Abraham, set affection on things above
8. Like a true Soldier at the hottest part of battle, beef-up your guard / discipline (2Tim. 2:3; Gal 5:1)
9. Propagate the gospel of Christ anywhere, everywhere, anytime and as occasion serve thee. Rom.:1:16; 2Tim. 4:1-2
10. Complete abstinence as much as possible cannot be over-emphasised – (1Thess 5:22)

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