Dealing With Loneliness

Posted on June 17, 2024

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Dealing With Loneliness

The present world and the present generations are being torn apart by technology, where relationship with people is being replaced by relationship with gadgets! From the youth to the aged, more and more people are grappling with what is becoming a mental crisis, yet it ought not to be so.

While loneliness can result from sickness—after the manner of Job that is best illustrated in Psalm 102:1-7 (TPT), the loneliness that’s described as the absence of people is more the absence of purpose and a lack of relationships.

Paul writing to the Philippians in Philippians 2:1-5 (TPT) declared:

Look at how much encouragement you’ve found in your relationship with the Anointed One! You are filled to overflowing with his comforting love. You have experienced a deepening friendship with the Holy Spirit and have felt his tender affection and mercy. So I’m asking you, my friends, that you be joined together in perfect unity—with one heart, one passion, and united in one love. Walk together with one harmonious purpose and you will fill my heart with unbounded joy. Be free from pride-filled opinions, for they will only harm your cherished unity. Don’t allow self-promotion to hide in your hearts, but in authentic humility put others first and view others as more important than yourselves. Abandon every display of selfishness. Possess a greater concern for what matters to others instead of your own interests. And consider the example that Jesus, the Anointed One, has set before us. Let his mindset become your motivation.

The same kind of relationship the believer has with the Lord and His Spirit as described above, if replicated with your brethren, cements the comforts and friendship described. By showing interest in their difficulties and not making your own issues and worries the object of every conversation, you begin to build relationships that take away loneliness.

Be generous to others with your time, talents and treasures; always praying for guidance without stop. Don’t forget the truth (Isaiah 43:4; John 15:9,17). We are required to continue to transmit the love the Father passed to Jesus to others, in the same way the branch transfers the life given to it from the vine! You break the hold of loneliness by:

1. Turning to God in prayers, and

2. Using solitude (being alone without feeling lonely) as an opportunity to grow, seeking to know the Lord deeper and better (not movies, not drinking or lasciviousness which are fleeing fancies and once over, you are empty again)

**Learn to be alone without feeling lonely. Jesus often left the crowd to be alone with His Father in prayer. Why? Because He knew that solitude is essential to spiritual growth. And He came back from those times personally enriched and better equipped to deal with the challenges of life.

The Bible says, ‘Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day’ (Genesis 32:24 NKJV). Out of that time alone with God came a man with a new name, a new nature, a new walk, and a new future. Furthermore, when people realise that you can enjoy your favourite dish or movie or other activity alone, they are attracted by your strength, independence, and confidence.

You must reject the idea that you cannot live without a certain person in your life. God is the only person you must have, and He has promised to always stay with you (see Hebrews 13:5). Many times, we fall into depression after the death of a loved one because we haven’t cultivated an outside life. But it’s never too late to get started. And God will help you. Paul wrote: ‘The first time I was brought before the judge, no one came with me. Everyone abandoned me. May it not be counted against them. But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength so that I might preach the Good News in its entirety for all the Gentiles to hear’ (2 Timothy 4:16-17 NLT). God will help you to grieve your loss, leave your loss, and go on to what He has for you next.
**Taken from Word for Today


Pastor Afolabi Oladele

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