• on December 28, 2017

You Sobriety & Stock Taking

Pastor Yomi Omolayo
• Sobriety is Holy Spirit assisted life. When your life is being controlled by the holy spirit, you cannot but live a sober life. A life that is controlled by Christ is already living in sobriety.
• Without sobriety, it is difficult to fight the good fight of faith.
• Sobriety predisposes me to live sacrificially (Leviticus 1:1-9; 1 John 1:6-8).
• Sobriety goes with watchfulness. You cannot separate watchfulness from stock taking. When it comes to taking stock, the word JUDGMENT is very important. It always require sobriety to judge.
• Sobriety activates hearing and seeing in the spirit. It takes sobriety to see and hear what the spirit is saying.
• Sobriety activates sound judgement and evaluation. You need sound judgment to evaluate things around.
• Be careful of patterns and convincing evidences that are not enough to judge your brethren. It is only God that has the final say.
• Every relationship is a platform for discovery. If you understand how to evaluate yourself, you will understand how to evaluate others in line with the scriptures.
• You need revelation concerning your spouse on how to deal with him/her.
• The conformity we are called to is the conformity initiated by the holy sprit (Romans 12:1-5 (NLT, MSG, AMP)
• There are 2 Greek words translated “conform” in the New Testament. They are – SUCHEMATIZO and SUMMORPHOS
o SUCHEMATIZO (Romans 12:2; 1 Peter 1:14) – means to fashion oneself to the the pattern of the world; Being outwardly conformed; A transitory change; Superficial fluctuation of conduct.
o SUMMORPHOS (Romans 8:28-29; Phil.3:21) – means having the form as another; A change initiated from the inside outward.
o METAMORPHOO (Romans 12:2) – means “Amazing change of a lowly, unattractive and destructive worm into a beautiful and environmental friendly butterfly.”
o This is our story, the story of redemption.
o A mind that is not being renewed will never approve God’s will on any matter (Romans 8:6-9).
• It is the knowledge and practice of the will of God that brings sobriety, spiritual growth and Christian maturity.
• What fuels our faith is the knowledge of the will of God, not just the letters of the scriptures.

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