• on May 16, 2012


The word ‘fear’ in Hebrew is YARE and it means an emotional and intellectual anticipation of evil or harm; what one feels may go wrong with him tomorrow.
The word good in Greek is AGATHOS, which means, “constitutionally good”.
‘Agathos’ also means being good and benevolent.
The Hebrew word for ‘ease’ is TOV, it means among other things, “be well, be pleasing, be cheerful, be happy, be joyful.”
It is the exact opposite of what Abraham exhibited in Genesis 15:1. When you fear the Lord, you will be at peace, joyful etc.
What will take you to the level of this existence?
1. Knowing that having God is all that matters- I am your exceeding great reward.
2. Seeing the end of the race, rather than living in today- that is focusing on heaven; (Titus 2:11-14, Luke 10:17-19)
The Hebrew word used as reward in Genesis 15:1 means:
1. Payment of contract
2. Salary
3. A fare (something that will take you to another point)
4. Maintenance

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