• on May 14, 2012

TAKING STOCK (Correcting Your Errors): Faith for crisis

Be careful what you feed yourself with because what you feed yourself with will come to hunt you at the end of the day.
Nobody ever knew God as Jehovah Jireh until the life of Isaac was laid on the line.
The greatest miracles that ever happened occurred at the bowels of adversity.
On one hand, you can be a minister of Christ and not a steward of the mysteries of God.
Servant hood of Christ has only one ultimate objective – that Christ may be formed in you.
The servant of Christ – Is not about me/you.
Servant hood does not require any unique skill and it does not require any seminary degrees.
Real servants don’t struggle they submit.
To serve is to do something each day that you don’t want to do.
Learn to pick someone else’s trash.
Don’t be too big to do small things.
Stewardship is from the Greek word Oilckonomos.
Full discharge of my role as a steward entitles me to be a ruler.
Be careful not to be an oppressor of one another, no matter how well-intentional.
When you speak about your brother, you’re not in control of what it projects to the person you are speaking to.
There is a place for mentorship but mentorship that leads to division is not from God.
What is faithfulness?
Faithfulness in God’s view goes beyond legalism.
Don’t consider yourself faithful until you have multiplied what has been given to you.
Faithfulness in Kingdom language means multiplication of what has been put in your hands.
If your faithfulness does not lead to the expansion of the kingdom
There are 3 kinds of people:
1. Those who can’t see the problem;
2. Those who refuse to see the problem; and
3. Those who see and say “we didn’t create the problem”
Which one of these are you?

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