• on November 7, 2017

Shema Israel Part 2: Seeking the Approval

By Pastor Andrew Morgridge
The story of 2 Brothers that became the Twin Ministry. It’s about SHEMA – to hear; understand and to do. It’s so important because it is the most repeated warning /admonition in the Bible. From Genesis to Deuteronomy to Paul in Acts 28:28, ref Isa. 6 to Rev. 2 & 3. That’s why God is pointing attention to it.
(1) The Bible says Our God hides Himself (Ps. 30:7 ; 55:1; 89:46; Isa. 8:17; 45:15 – so many scriptures). But He expect us to seek Him out (Prov. 25:2; Lk. 11:2; He is also the righteous judge so in His patience, He talks, advice and even beg you (beseech Eph. 4:1) So that you don’t miss what He’s saying, so that you don’t suffer loss – physically or spiritually. (Jer. 7:25; 25:4: Ps. 96:10-13; Ps. 67:4)
(2) It was His concern to a lost generation of Israelites who died in the wilderness that made Him to give us the book of Deuteronomy where you find the word Hear O Israel. Deuteronomy summarizes the evil deeds of the Israelites and God’s reaction. To prevent a repeat He said haug the word of God the door posts of your home – The Mezzuzah.
Seeing the word daily and respecting the word of God daily was the focus of attention in Part 1.
(3) I’m speaking along the same line, though more expansively in the loss of Simeon and the gain of Levi as we see what it takes to get the approval of God. Simeon is missing in the Blessings of Moses (Deut. 33) His father Jacob also made bad remarks about him on his death bed (Gen. 49:6-7). We will see why and then see why Simeon made the list of those sealed by God in Rev. 7.
(4) Gen. 49:6-7 resulted from Gen. 34. Things to note:
1. Unforgiving spirit
2. Treachery
3. Lack of respect for parent (vs 30; Mal. 1:6-7 (4) Murder (unwarranted)
(5) Truce breaker – An act God hates (Josh.9, note vs 17-20 2Sam. 21:1-9
Simeon’s name is associated to hearing (Gen.29:33 ). But he heard and never acted.
And more importantly he influenced his brother Levi negatively making his father to lump them together, as he cursed them.
(6) Here’s the gain of Levi: God has been known to make promises to people and then confirm that He would do it, as He promised, as a result of the act of that individual. That’s what I call seeking the approval (Gen. 15:1-6; Gen. 18:1-15; Gen. 22: note vs 18
3 people were cursed by Jacob – Rueben, Simeon and Levi. Moses in Deut.33 Blessed only 2. Again in Ps.90 Rueben, was blessed recognising why he did his evil against his father (Josephus
Levi on the other hand redeemed himself by a show of love for God, seeking His glory about sentiments and family ties.
Numbers 25:1-15. Notice: Phinehas killed his uncle (family).
Moses excluded them because it was the Simeonites that led the orgy that resulted in the death of thousands of Israelites.
Levi on the other hand got God’s approval and confirmation for the Priesthood on his family. (Malachi. 2:5-6).
(7) The days of Simeon is here again (2Tim. 3:1-4; Rev. 2 and 3)
The Twin Ministry. We see spiritual Levi in operation but the Simeon spirit is hanging around to influence and take over. We see Dan and how it left God to answer the serpent spirit. Now you see same in Nigeria and we are praying. The Church has a curse of Simeon hanging because they were lumped together by Jacob. Prov. Curses work when you allow it Eccl. 10:8 don’t! Take heed because of 1Pet. 5:8 He keeps trying. The Church is deaf (7 times in revelation 2&3 God said LISTEN). It is also blind (Revelation 3:17-18) in their own world, controlled by Satan.
The enemy is formidable but can be defeated by PRAYER. That is surely not in line with what we have been taught about the prophet generation. But as the Senior Pastor has consistently passed on, in Rev. 11:1, there is a measurement – assessment before Rapture. The altar of sacrifice is part of our requirement for Rapture.
WHERE ARE THE PHINEHAS TODAY – those who will stay the hand of judgement AND ALSO CLEANSE HIS BODY. SIMEON made the list in Rev. 7 because of his “DEATH” – selflessly given himself for his family in the Joseph and Benjamin case (Gen. 42: note 22-24. Providence chose him, but it was timed by God – see the fulfilment of the prophecy of Molech (Matt. 26.)

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