• on May 13, 2018

Self Preservation

The representative of the greatest power on earth, Pilate, confronted his creator, and indeed the Creator of heaven and earth cynically asking if He was king!

What ignorance and blindness we exhibit under the illusion of earthly position or power? We sit in judgment over matters and people, not knowing that we are by our nature limited, except we know the Truth; and will end up with judgment colored by self-preservation!

This was the challenge Jesus threw at Pilate in John 18:37-39. Pilate never waited to get the answer to the question he asked…perhaps he might have been saved.

Oh child of God, are you at the crossroad of life, why not wait on Him till you get an answer to your puzzle. James 4:3-4.

Please stop acting as though He was not sent to you and you can do it on your own.

Each time we go off on our own presumption, do we realise that we are saying, ‘we are not of the truth?’

Have you seen the limitations of your inner person who the Truth alone can set free? It is the truth-fullness in the inner man that leads to holiness. Oh Lord grant us the zeal for the Truth that we may stand in Your holy place.

Have a blessed worship day and a victorious week. Amen.

– Pastor Afolabi Oladele

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