• on May 17, 2012


Balaam was a Midianite, Balak was a Moabite.
Balaam means devourer, or lord of the people.
Balaam was set on a slippery slope because of his corrupted heart conditions.
When fear and envy creep in, subtle competition creeps in.
Your gifting can turn to witchcraft.
If you use your gift to turn people from the path of truth, you’re already bewitching them.
Possible reasons why Balaam’s heart was corrupted
1. Personal Grudge
Deal with that grudge today or it could be a stumbling block to you in your hours of test.
2. Reduced Influence Syndrome
It was possible that this contributed to his offering the subversive counsel of Balak.
3. The fear of Man Syndrome
The influence of Balak was too intimidating for Balaam. The profile of the personalities that visited Balaam was too much for him to handle. So Balaam was all out to please Balak.
4. Covetousness
Balaam set his eyes on the rewards of unrighteousness. the reward was too alluring to be discountenanced with.
5. Pressure to perform
it was the pressure to perform that made him go to God three times in the presence of Balak seeking to know whether God will change his mind. why couldn’t Balaam refuse the influence of Balak?
Once a man of God has brought himself under the influence of political leaders or the world, to break loose becomes very difficult.
When the heart is corrupted, the answer you receive from God might not be certain

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