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Prophecies Marches On -Part 2

Sunday Service, March 07, 2011
Pastor Afolabi Oladele
1.  Renewed promise in relation to the will of GOD … Word of Encouragement: GOD’s going to prosper HIS people again in this time as we get closer to preparing for HIS coming….
2. On Israel, GOD spoke emphatically concerning a global Church that will spring up at this end of time….
Word of Rebuke:  What values do you place on the word of GOD that you hear in TCBC?  If it takes so much effort and reminder for us to recall what we are taught; then, we need to watch it… The things that are going to separate are already at work. Oh that we may watch it…and be prayerful indeed…
The Sunday Message:
The Pastor promised to test us definitively this morning so that we would be able to attain to some and be persuaded of some of the things we are being taught…2nd Samuel 7: 2- … The promise of GOD in making millionaires is not new to us in TCBC; but the fulfillment of this os the challenge… When you get to the place of comfort, what do I surround myself with at the point on time?
In all that I have gotten and I think that I have arrived, what are the things that I surround myself with? But with David, we need to see where our life is patterned; he surrounded himself with the men and things of GOD … Let GOD permeate your heart all through… This is why many people never attain to the promise that GOD gives because they don’t know where to place their hearts at such time of their lives…
Verse 3: the covenant of David subsists in this verse because he was a man that had GOD always in his heart … He triggered something for fulfillment in the heart of GOD …. Verse 11… David did not ask the LORD for a perpetual house…. HE pulled out of the heart of GOD…. Do you have what it takes to pull out of the Heart of GOD? ….But until I understand what it takes to pull out of the Heart of GOD; I may never have HIS promises fulfilled in me…
Revelation 3: 17- … I must never come to the conclusion that the things I need to have fulfilled life are material things…. Proverbs 13:7-….  2nd Corinthians 8:9- … Gold tried in fire is a faith that is strengthened through trials….not in the preponderance of riches…. Revelation 3:18- … GOD is not at offense at making me us rich, I must know always where my trust rests … Seek and be fit for GOD’s purpose alone and not strive to be fit for the world …true independent comes only from dependence upon GOD … David could have thought, well, everything was fine for him… But he had GOD only constantly in his heart…. When you continually have GOD going in your heart; as you pursue what GOD has called and set you to do … Separate yourself to HIM …
2nd Corinthians 6:11 …what import and impact is my life having on those surrounding me…. Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers…. There is a place for a Christian that is man enough to be called a Christian…. Why should and would GOD bless me when there is no difference between me and the world around me…
The separation that GOD is calling for must be shown in my Desire, motive, act ….else, I will be joker with the things of the LORD … Psalm 37:3…. It is trusting the LORD and doing good at my status is maintained, GOD keeps me and I am living in HIM … We don’t labour for the things that the world around us labors after ….
The issue that is at stake today is: what separates us from the world around? The LORD HIMSELF will grant us the soberness of HIS Spirit at we would be able to really se what is at stake…. Ruth 1:2…. The story of Ruth is set in the days of Judges, but destiny was at work already…. Micah 5:2…. In other words, every woman that came forth from Ephrata was a candidate for the bribing forth of e Saviour…. Every single of us sitting here is a candidate for the Kingdom of GOD ….but the time is so close that what I am putting my attention into may be what would separate me from eternal destiny….
The story of two women in destiny…. Ruth 1:15…. One went back to her people and her gods…. Just like many of us seek after world goods and lusts…. Ruth wasn’t abnormal in throwing away what was considered the normal aspirations of life … But what was and is normal actually comes at the point of SEPARATION … What to me seems normal worldly hopes and aspirations is often put to test at the point of Separation … And it thus becomes crucial that every one of us at this time must be careful in knowing what is crucial at the point of Separation…. Ruth means beauty ….she came from Moab, a place of sensuality…. But she had what it took to be able to go back and fit it …. Alas, she knew she had caught up with what is more important than than …. And in Nigeria today, money is at the heart of what we consider more important e.g. Doctors, Labours’ strike, everybody craves and races after more money ….but to what end? …. Ask yourself this important question… Pray, LORD, show me who I am and where am I really heading? …. Hebrews 11:11…. To what end am I working and my labors …. What is the purpose of that work? …. Is my labors and striving tied to the purpose of GOD? If I can’t decide that, I may end up like the Laodecian Church…. I must contend continually, persuaded and sold to this pursuit lest I am deceived into thinking that all is well…. I must be separated for GOD’s Kingdom and eternal purpose …. Hebrews 11:13 -saw them afar off (Desire) …. Persuaded (Motive)….  embraced & confessed (Act) … And the opportunity to turn back from JESUS would be handed to me…. It is in my hands to say NO! I will not be like Lot who pitched his tent as next-door neighbor to Satan….
Destiny worked for Ruth ….and GOD has patterned it that destiny will work for me too … Zechariah 11:5-7… GOD worked in destiny in bringing the Gentiles into CHRIST … Beauty and Bands… The grace that worked for us…. Verse 11… JESUS came to bring people to GOD when HE was sold for 30 pieces of Silver…. But the band was broken in that day as verse 11 depicted…. We are also in the timing that the word of the LORD will reveal a separation that is also replicated in Micah 5:2- … There is dual travailing for this remnant … Revelation 12:5-…. The frost travail brings forth the man child and the last days travail would bring forth believers that will believe the fullness of GOD’s word … So, what do you do with GOD’s word?
Are you having problems contending with separation? …. Consider the woman, Naomi ….who contended with her issue for ten years…. The name of her frost son meant sickness and he died; the second was pining -always whining, complaining, murmuring …now, consider your life as a woman… The life of Naomi is a lesson for any woman that is either widowed or not even married ….what story is my life telling? Naomi never
gave up on GOD even though she struggled with the challenge that perhaps GOD has forsaken her…. Separation is on us…. Our life and sincere hopes in GOD are the things that will separate us to where we likely belong….
Focus on GOD, examine your life, where is your focus, where is your life going?
Examine your life and let the Spirit of the LORD alert you to where you are and where you are heading….
Exhortation by Bro Noel Abdullahi….
Wherever you are going, you must know how far you would go….your willpower may not be able to sustain you at the point of separation … Ruth died long before Naomi made her the offer…. This is the time of separation…. Many are called, few are chosen… The few that are chosen are the ones that would be able to say NO!  If there is anything you must labour for…. Labour that you may enter into the Kingdom of GOD… HIS patter is pain before the pleasure so that you will be able to make the right choice… If I don’t die now, I cannot live…. I must die now to the things of this world…. LORD, give me YOUR Strength so that I can die to myself in order to be able to live in you….
“I need of necessity to make myself poor so that I can constantly remind myself that my dependence is upon GOD and GOD Alone … Oh LORD help me so that I may truly live for YOU ….”
“It is morally wrong for GOD to bless me when I put myself on the same pedestal with the world around me ….”
“Prophecy is marching on …. On which side of prophecy are you? ….” LORD JESUS, today I receive your power and divine enablement to say NO to the devil so that I would be able to make the right choice at all times….
Pastor Oshokoya:
Ten people to be the Joshua-Caleb Generation…. From now till the end of March
Ephesians 1:16-18…. LORD, give me YOUR Spirit of wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of YOU…

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