• on May 16, 2012


Are you of such a nature that the things that you look out for are temporal?
The prodigal son was distressful of his father’s rule.
Those that go away from God put their all.
Sinful state is separating yourself from the FATHER.
Characteristics of a sinful state:
1. A sinful state is a spending state (riotous living) – Misspent of time and priority.
2. A sinful state is a wanting state.
3. A sinful state is a begging state.
4. A sinful state is a state of death.
5. A sinful state is a lost state.
6. A sinful state is a state of madness and frenzy.
7. A sinful state is a state where sorrows are multiplied.
True liberty is obeying the word of God.
We can’t expect happiness without goodness.
What do you desire more?
Where are you taking your counsel from?
You must be able to go the extra mile to liveĀ Psalm 16

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