Daily Devotion with Senior Pastor Afolabi Oladele

19th Jan 2018
Self examination in the light of the word is the prelude to our spiritual house-cleaning. Have you thought about what God’s church is expected to be? 1 Tim 3:15 (NIV/NLT/Mess); Eph. 3:8-10(NIV/NLT/Mess). Consider in the light of this whether we as the church in Nigeria and us as members of this body compliant. 1Cor 1:26-29 (NIV/NLT/Mess); James 2:5-7(NIV/NLT/Mess); James 4:4-5(NIV/NLT/Mess); 1 John3:1,2(NIV/NLT/Mess); 1 John 4:5-6 (NIV/NLT/Mess).
It is true that when we obey Him, we have to break with society in many things. Only when we are Christ-centred in living that we are safe in His care. When our church and individual lives revolve around something else, the very life becomes eccentric, self-destructive as well as society-destructive! Are we at that point where we can truly repent or as in Rev 3:14-18 will we be spewn out, to be trampled under feet?


18th Jan 2018

Men and brethren, ought we not be mindful of the manner of the spirit we are?  Luke 9:54-56. Consider Jacob’s inadvertent pronouncement upon his most beloved wife Gen 31:32; Gen 35:18 and heed the wise man’s admonition in Prov 18:20-21 (NLT  Gill’s exposition). When and if you feel qualified to pronounce judgment, should we not follow the pattern of the word we claim to obey? Psalm 149:5-9 in demonstration 2 Chr 20:1-20; 2Kings 19:1-37 and Acts 4:21-31…..think on these things. Shalom. Have a blessed day.


11th Jan 2018

Knowing our positioning by Gal 3:6-9,29 let us for the next two days consider this man Abraham. God’s testimony concerning him in Gen 18:19 and his disposition revealed vs.23-33 played out in Isaac as described in Gen 22 (submission in the faith and confidence in the face of death); Gen 24:63 (man of meditation) and Gen 25:19-21(a man of faith and intercession). Enter Abraham’s servant in Gen 24 (a man of faith and intercession). How have influenced or discipled those around me, family and workers….if indeed we are seed of Abraham? If in our places of habitation and engagements we are this effective wouldn’t it manifest in our life as a nation? Selah. Good morning. God bless you and have a productive day.


10th Jan 2018

The pathway to and the expected reflection of being son of God sets clearly. Whereas John 1:12 speaks to the grant of the right or privilege, we all know that a right that remains unexercised is As good as inexistent! Both apostles Paul and Peter were on the point admonishing every believer on the what to do or the process. In Eph 4:8,11,12-13, we understand that certain helpers were given whose validation rested on their bringing others into the unity of the faith (Eph 1:9-10) and to completion and maturity as they attain the measure of Christ. Peter restated the same in 2Pet 1:3-11. Beloved the end point is to be Christs after the similitude of the prototype, our Redeemer elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved so do you know what your end point is to be? Who are you listening to? Is he leading you to conformity as required in Romans 8:29? Selah. Think on these things. The grace of my God be with you. Have a blessed day.

9th Jan 2018

All of creation is yearning, longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. For all creation was made subject to futility, not of its own choice, but by the will of Him who subjected it (-Gen 1:2; Jer 4:23-26); yet with the hope that at last the Creation itself would be set free from the thralldom of decay to enjoy the liberty that comes with the glory of the children of God (Romans 8:19-21-Weymouth Translation). Where are they? Where are these sons of God or better still who will conform to the image of the son of God (Romans 8:29)?  Who understands and is willing to pay the price, (Math 7:13-14) yet a few will conform! Think on these things! Selah. Good morning. Have a blessed day.

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