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1.         Two words, Moed in Gen. 1:14 and Mikrah
2.         The Bible is a TIME MESSAGE
3.         It’s a road which only few find and stay on. See Ps. 84:5-7; Matt. 7:13-14.
5.         The Feast of Trumpet
5b. 2 Old Testament Prophets saw Rapture
6.         The Lamed Factor
7.         Reflection
8.         Closing
(2)        Introduction
The event unfolding in today’s world are ominously threatening to unsettle institutions, reorder national political alignments, change the balance of world power, and destabilize the equitable distribution of resources. People everywhere are beginning to live in a state of fear and anxiety.
Serious people are asking, “If these things are happening today, what will the future be like for my children and grandchildren? Do current headlines give us any signs about what is coming next?”
The Bible has proven to be absolutely dependable. Therefore we can trust it as the one source of reliable information about the meaning of the events of our day and what those events tell us about our hope for the future as we look toward the return of Christ.
Our purpose is not to make you fearful, but to make you aware so you can be prepared.
Discuss conditional and unconditional prophecy (Isa. 36 1Chron. 7:14)
The aim of prophecy is to create stability in us. See Isa. 33:6
(3)        Dead Man Walking
4)         World Judgment Begins
Rev. 12 and the Antichrist. Rev. 12:1-6,
The timing of the caught up (Rev. 12:6; Rev. 14:14; Rev. 13:5, Rev. 11:3; Rev. 12:14; Daniel 7:25 & Daniel 12:7)
Rev. 12:7-12: The Cast down and the following judgment is the Great Tribulation. Matt. 24, Luke 21.
The remaining three and half (3½) years reign of the antichrist is the Great Tribulation, and it marks the beginning of God’s judgment on the world.
These are the judgments in the seven trumpets. The judgment begins gradually as the trumpets sounds their judgment and intensifies as it moves to the day of the Lord.
When they start to sound this, the world has exactly 42 months to the end; this being the midst of Daniel’s 70th week when he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations in God’s temple (Dan. 7:24-25; 9: 27; Rev. 13:4-8).
(Rev. 8:6-7).
This is the first plague which begins the minor judgments of God. Asteroid bodies began to break up in heaven.
Rev. 11:5-6.
After destroying a third of the vegetation of the world, the Lord now turned his attention to the marine life (a source of food for man) and the ships (the carriers of merchandise). And His instrument was a blazing meteorite from space, striking the sea with the force of 8-10 megatons (about 8 hydrogen bombs).
Rev. 8:10-11 – Poisoned Water.
Joel 1:15-20.
Rev. 8:12-13.
With the impact of famine still ranging, the Lord then increased the perplexity of men by screening the heavens and withdrawing their lights.
Isaiah 13:6-11.
After the fourth trumpet the nature of the judgment of God will change. The first four trumpets are considered the celestial judgments being mingled with mercy – they occurred in different locations and affected only a third of the elements destroyed.
But the woes following the fourth trumpet are world-wide and more terrible in nature. As John wrote, “And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels.” Which are yet to sound! (Rev. 8:13).
Rev. 9:1-11.
Demonic powers now come into operation being led by Apollyon a satanic personality who like other demons take delight in human suffering.
For five months they will torment mankind, and one needs only to look at the pains and afflictions demons cause people when their activities are restricted, to imagine the horrors that will befall men who will be at the mercy of demonic powers having the authority (permission) of God to torment men who do not have the seal of God on them -Rev. 9:13-19).
One demonic power given permission by God to kill is a basket of woes! How then can one describe an army of 200 million devils? With relish they shall destroy men. No wonder the Bible says they will kill 1/3 of the men.
This coupled with the famine, the destruction and deaths caused by the falling asteroids and meteorites would by now have rendered the whole world in utter chaos. Yet the great day of the Lord was yet to come!
(5)        The Judgment Intensifies
Rev. 15; Rev. 16:2-14; Rev. 16:16-21
(6)        Discussing Isa. 26 in the context of Feast of Atonement
1.         Recap of Part 1
2.         Introduction
3.         Dead Man Walking
4.         World Judgment Begins
5.         It intensifies: 7th Trumpet now 7 Woes
6.         Hide Yourself, A task of Atonement
Our identity is heavenly.
The world – Greek word – Kossmos meaning the order of this world.
Prophecy is supposed to make you stable – Isa 33:6
Wisdom and stability gives you conviction.

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