• on June 11, 2018

Crucified With Christ Part 5: He sees You, He knows You

by Pastor Andrew Morgridge

We sing it, we say it, but do we live it? The importance, the rudiments and the benefits and the eventual heavenly reward has been my focus in the study. What I mean by this is your spirituality-level of Christianity can be judged by your mannerism (Phil. 3:17-20), your level of peace, good relationship and finally making it home to heaven as a conqueror is all tied to your spirituality – how far you defeated carnality on earth. Gen. 4:1-6; 2kg. 13 and 1Sam. 25 as examples.

Truth be told carnality is not normal. Recognize it as a drawback and fight it (Gal. 5:16-22). Don’t accept it as normal – hiding it under the phrase, “We are works in progress.” Yes we are! But we should know 2 things on the subject:

(1) The Holy Spirit can run away from you, if He sees (knows) that you are just habitually carnal – He knows a mistake or a spontaneous reaction when He sees one (Ps. 18: compared to Hosea 6:6-8)
(2) He doesn’t expect you to be a babe forever (Matt. 5:48; Heb. 5:1-10,11-14. Hence Mt. 19:16-22 and Mt. 11:28-29)

You are supposed to grow – a 12-year old can’t suck their thumb or say mummy, pampers and you will smile instead of giving a dirty slap. The word perfect is Tedious and it means childishness as against adult behavior – MATURITY. It comes from knowing and the application of knowledge.

He sees you and He knows you.
There’s no hiding place for the goldfish. James Hadley Chase wrote a novel titled Goldfish Have No Hiding Place. No matter the skillfulness of the crime, skillful investigation will dig out the truth. Prov. 15:11 is the Biblical version: So why hide it. Why do it. If you are not carrying purpose, you will simply kill yourself.

I have since seen from the Luke account of the story of Peter cutting off Malchus’ ear that many of the disciples also had and carried swords. (Lk. 22:49). And for 3½years Jesus kept looking at them without talking about it. It’s because you are expected to know what your Master wants as you interact with Him (Prov. 25:2; Ps. 42:7; Ps. 10:13-14; Ps. 94:9) and the ultimate Ps. 32:7-9 even without speaking, you are to discern what He wants/guidance.

See the Luke example on sharing of inheritance (LK. 12:13-155). From vs 15 He was saying ‘deal with covetousness (carnality) and you will get it right, without involving me. See Ex. 34:1. That you broke i.e. you did not regard Me – what I wrote, what I gave you – and that applies to all manner of sin or carnality, because all such things are things I don’t like (Rev. 4:11)

See Nu. 12:1-6 “suddenly He appeared”. He sees all, He knows all, because He’s there always (Ps. 44:21; Ex. 4:14).

If they told her Miriam or King Uzziah (2 Chron 26) that by the next day, they would become lepers, they would both laugh. Moses interceded and Miriam was restored. God did not hearken to prayers on Uzziah (Isa. 6:1). That’s the food for thought responsible for Ps. 90:9-12 and Ex. 32:30-34. Truth be said, we all have the potential in us to become lepers, that is why we must guard against carnality. Jer. 10:23; Gen. 6:3; Moses in Exo. 4:6-7

So how do we overcome – Get the Holy Spirit and live in the Holy Spirit. when Moses felt inadequate God gave him Aaron – Bringer of light. Holy spirit (Parakletos) – in the wildest sense, a helper, succorer, aider.

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