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PRAYER NOTES -The Discipline of Prayers
Pastor Afolabi Oladele Sunday, April 15, 2012 The earnest expectation of the man of GOD is that we might get to the knowledge of the why of why we go [...]
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Two Types Of Pride
Pastor Andrew MorgridgeSunday, April 22, 2012  You need to see JESUS first as KING before I can proclaim HIM as the KING … Nothing is strange to those who are [...]
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Unveiling Processed Christendom -5
Pastor Dele Oyeleru Sunday, May 20, 2012 When you process something, you have changed the original form so that it can be more acceptable in the market…. The job of [...]
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The Missing 3-Word Sentence
Sunday Service, March 13, 2011 Pastor Toks Oshokoya  Text: 1st Sam 1: 1-  … The Priest of GOD missed the point in Hannah’s disposition…. Hannah’s life of prayer is a [...]
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Faith: Persecution
Sunday School, February 13, 2011  Deacon Ronnie Mordi Rev.16:4-6 …for each child of GOD killed, GOD gives them blood to drink… Practical Operations of Faith: 1. Faith for salvation …the [...]
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Sunday, January 30, 2011  Deacon Ronnie Mordi The disciples of JESUS had faith but did not grow … 2nd Chronicles 6:18 … Nothing can limit d GOD that I serve [...]
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Living on The Fringe of the Camp
Sunday Service, February 13, 2011 Pastor Andrew Morgridge A Dream Relayed: To know what is ahead of the Church and for those at the edge to come into the camp [...]
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Trust, Commit, Delight -The Phrase for The Believers
Sunday Service, January 30, 2011 Pastor Afolabi Oladele  Let the manifestation be the interpretation …  …my walk of faith will be measured by the way I live my life… Every [...]
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Review: GOD gave the command, go teach my people faith…examples of Wigglesworth, Hagins snr; Braham…
Sunday School, Jan, 23, 2011 Teacher: Deacon Ronnie Mordi Subject: Faith 1. Growth Levels of Faith… Every believer has faith in a measure which GOD gives 1st Peter 3:18 …and [...]
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Discerning The Spiritual Climate Message: Principles of GOD’s Economy!
3-Days Fasting Meeting Saturday, March 31st 2012 -DAY TWO Pastor Afolabi Oladele 2nd Timothy 3:1- … Love for selves is known to be the driving force for all that is [...]
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