Category: Stewardship

Time Militant
by Pastor Afolabi Oladele   Militants are those who recognize that there is a need for change: they recognize a time for change; a time for something to move in [...]
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Aligning With The Will of God: Digging Deeper Into Discipleship
by Pastor Noel Abdullahi on 29 September 2018 Pre-amble: Those who know the will of God Don’t take the present for granted Don’t worry about the future Don’t regret the [...]
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Stewardship & The Bleating of Sheep
by Pastor Toks Oshokoya – 6 May 2018 Preamble: The word Stewardship is mentioned 18 times in the OT & NT (steward, stewards, stewardship) What is Stewardship or who is a [...]
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You Sobriety & Stock Taking
Pastor Yomi Omolayo • Sobriety is Holy Spirit assisted life. When your life is being controlled by the holy spirit, you cannot but live a sober life. A life that [...]
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Finishing The Year Strong & Well
by Pastor David Nkenchor Time is life, we say, and that, truthfully so. God the giver of life measures life by time; and that time (life) is mainly in years. [...]
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PASTOR AFOLABI OLADELE   The degree of your reward is directly proportional to the degree of the correction of your errors.   1. How much of your GOD do you [...]
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PASTOR AFOLABI OLADELE   There is nothing you can do to stop Jesus from being KING.   There is nothing you can do to stop Jesus from returning.   There [...]
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