Category: Prophecy & Endtimes

Another Tsunami? Nay, The Real Tsunami
by Pastor Dele Oyeleru (preached in 2005) What we saw on Dec. 26th 2004 is actually a foreshadow of the real tsunami that is to come. Adjectives such as – simple, progressive, [...]
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A Race Against The Snail
by Pastor Dele Oyeleru A man that does know the time is like a fish caught and trapped in a net. At the coming of the Lord there will be [...]
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The Secret Place
by Pastor Andrew Morgridge In war time, your survival depends mainly one two things: (1) your ability to identify the “danger sirens” and (2) knowing where the bunker is located. [...]
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The Sign Of Deception
by Pastor Dele Oyeleru   How many of us believe that Jesus is coming very soon? I do. This is something that is not too commonly talked about in the [...]
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The Race
by Evang Victor Aina   There is need for us to understand, the importance of the race that is set before us as believers, and must know we have to [...]
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Raising The Alarm; Raising The Bar
  by Pastor Afolabi Oladele With the current spate of persecution of the church in Nigeria and a resultant battle of the flesh from Christians, it is time to raise [...]
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The Defense Of The Gospel
18 February 2018 – Pastor Toks Oshokoya THE DEFENSE OF THE GOSPEL THE NEED FOR CONSTANT RE-CALIBRATION Dealing With The Age Of Knowledge The Age Of Knowledge Economy The Age [...]
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Teaching Conference March 2017 Pastor Afolabi Oladele (EDITEd) THE NATION ISRAEL IN PROPHECY AND THE POSITION OF THE CHURCH tc-1- MARCH 2017
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Blurring The Lines: The Danger of Self-Deception
by Evang. Victor Aina It is easy to help someone who is being deceived by someone else or by an external force, but it is very difficult to help someone [...]
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Making It Through The Last Days
by Pastor Toks Oshokoya Someone said, “Evil will thrive when good people keep quiet.” And I dare say that evil will thrive when you or I keep quiet. But I [...]
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