Category: Faith

Breaking The Fallow Grounds for The Miraculous
By Pastor Noel Abdullahi (preached 18 Nov 2018) There is an urgent need for miracles that can no longer ignored – Wayne Jackson Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in [...]
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The Attitude of Faith Part 3
Preached by Pastor Andrew Morgridge on 28 October 2018 How you behave or react, temporarily or overtime is called attitude. It can be good or bad. Good is called great [...]
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The Attitude Of Faith
Attitude of Faith by Pastor Andrew Morgridge (14 October 2018) We had a wonderful service last week, that raised cogent prayer points. That prayers are answered and victories maintained is [...]
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What we need for the Days Ahead Part 2
by Evang. Victor Aina (16 September 2018) A similar case in the Bible that can be compared to our time when true voices are silenced in the land was the time [...]
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Strengthen Thy Brethren
by Pastor Noel Abdullahi on 15 July 2018   This message is for those who: • are weak and tired • lost in the house • lack understanding and are [...]
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by Pastor Noel Abdullahi All things are possible with God. All things are possible to him that believeth! This is what drove the life of beloved apostolic father, Kenneth Hagin, [...]
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Strength Through Weakness – God’s Paradox
Paradoxical attitudes to life are usually associated to the keys to access infinite divine resources of strength and wisdom of God. The Now Time! The “time” has come. This is [...]
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EVANGELIST VICTOR AINA Introduction: the persecution facing Christians, read the statistics. 200 million Christians in at least 60 countries are denied their fundamental human right, solely because of their faith. [...]
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Pastor Toks Oshokoya Rom 1:16-17, Jude1:3 Attainment of power is a process Information translates to Knowledge, knowledge to understanding, Understanding to wisdom, Wisdom expressed becomes power. Faith is made complete [...]
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PASTOR TOKUNBO OSHOKOYA You don’t know God yet until you know that God is a God of paradoxes. No matter what you do make sure that the people’s heart is [...]
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