About Us


To raise a group of believers who are carriers and transmitters of the Truth, knowledge and the Life of God; giving light to the nations for faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to live for Him here and now, and to be prepared to meet the Lord in the air at His soon return.


To partner with the Lord Jesus Christ and through teaching of sound doctrine, ensure the removal of the spiritual veil covering and preventing the nations from imbibing the whole truth of the gospel, especially the dynamics of the end-time as revealed in the Holy Bible. Thus we will:

· Preach the gospel to save the lost

· Teach the Word of God, as is written in the Holy Scriptures, with verity, to build the Saints up.

· Organize teaching seminars, conferences and outreaches via missionary journeys and establishment of Christian Resource Centres. Publish literatures and preach the gospel through Radio and Television broadcasts nationally and internationally.

· Endeavour to strengthen and network with fellow believers, nation to nation, as God gives opportunity for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. (Acts 16:9)

· Declare the nearness of Christ’s return and help prepare them for His soon coming; and

· Ensure that as the crisis of the age deepens, doubt, fear and confusion are replaced with confidence, faith and divine love while remaining expectant of the soon coming of the Lord.