February 2019

Reaffirming Our Kingdom Compliant Status: Ejecting Esau
by Pastor Toks Oshokoya Esau does not live here anymore!  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man [...]
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A Race Against The Snail
by Pastor Dele Oyeleru A man that does know the time is like a fish caught and trapped in a net. At the coming of the Lord there will be [...]
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Strength Through Authority
by Evang. Victor Aina Introduction Many today are living a defeated life, rather than living in victory, because most people have lost touch with the reality, which is the kingdom [...]
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Don’t Skip Them, Don’t Ignore Them, Pray & Act on Them Now!
Don’t pass them, Don’t ignore them, Pray and act on them now Part 1 By Pastor Yomi Omolayo In speed and accuracy tests, if you keep on skipping questions your [...]
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Operating In God’s Economy
by Pastor Afolabi (preached in 2011) The economy of this world is on the downward spiral, that is where the world has gotten to now. The only way we can [...]
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The Secret Place
by Pastor Andrew Morgridge In war time, your survival depends mainly one two things: (1) your ability to identify the “danger sirens” and (2) knowing where the bunker is located. [...]
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